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PAOAY: La Paz Sand Dunes


Credits to the owner.

The Ilocos Sand Dunes Stretches encompasses the towns of Currimao through to Pasuquin in Ilocos Norte. The La Paz Sand Dunes in Laoag City is one of the more popular sand dune destinations in Ilocos Norte. But more recently, the PAOAY SAND DUNES is remarkably gaining popularity to tourists travelling up north.

To start your Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure, hire a 4×4 Rough Riding vehicle at the base of the site. A fleet of these 4x4s are at your disposal and a professional driver will be your guide to the vast sand dunes. For 1,500php for a maximum of 5 people per car, the driver will tour the group at the Sand dunes for 30 minutes. Sightseeing and photo sessions can be done for this package.

For the more adventurous type, rent the 4×4 for an hour which will then include sand boarding and thrilling drops on steep sand ridges that will make you scream in excitement. Hold on to the steel bar while standing on the 4×4 for the most exciting adventure in Paoay. The sand ridges can go as high as 10-20ft at the most, while the most thrilling ride is the “rollercoaster”, where a series of sand hills will make you hold on to that bar of steel for dear life.


Photo credits to owner.

After these rides, try sand boarding where a plank of wood is your equipment to slide over sand folds in the vast landscape. It has the same discipline as skate boarding, such as balance is the key to the sport. My first try was, of course (with my inborn uncoordinated self), a fall but it was not painful at all. The soft sand is your cushion and your defense to the fear of trying again. If you do it once and get over the fear, I can assure that you’ll do it over and over again. It was that much fun! The hardest and most tiring aspect of the sport? Going up again the sandy slope after sliding down, but this will not prevent you to try and try until you do it perfectly. This package will cost 2,500php.


Today, they also offer ATVs for much exciting experience.

After the thrill, the guide will then drive the group down to the beach shores along the sand dunes. It is a perfect way to end a beautiful and exhilarating adventure. Plan your trip either in the early morning to welcome the sunrise (open as early as 5am) or late afternoon (5-6pm) to glory on the sunset not only because it’s marvelous but also to avoid the heat of the afternoon sun that can reflect to the sand.

The Paoay Sand Dunes Adventure is not one to be missed up north. For reservations, contact the Paoay Off-Roaders and Adventure Group here:

Gilbert Santos, +63 928 9473518

There are two ways on going to Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

By Plane:

Laoag is the gateway to Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

Philippine Airlines flies between Manila and Laoag daily. Book your flights now at:

· From the Laoag Airport, Paoay Sand Dunes is just 20-30 minutes away. Vans and tricycles are available outside of the airport.

· Travel time is around an hour

By Bus:

There are hourly bus rides to Laoag via Farinas, Florida and Partas.

· Travel time is around 10-12 hours

· Price range: 800php ($19) and up

· From the bus terminal, Paoay Sand Dunes is just 20-30 minutes away. Take the tricycle to your destination near the terminal.

For more information and assistance:

Ilocos Norte Tourism Office Provincial Capitol +63-77-772-1211 loc 119 + 63-77-770-4242



Have fun, Juan!

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