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TAGAYTAY: Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast – The Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Collection In The World

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

“Located in a secluded and peaceful town away from the city’s business area, is the newest attraction of Tagaytay. It is a guesthouse called Puzzle Mansion Bed and Breakfast that give views to luscious hills and endless rows of pineapples.
Like a typical Tagaytay inns and lodges, Puzzle Mansion has rooms for accommodation, a swimming pool, spa service on call, WiFi, a roof deck, and a shuttle service. However, this place is more unique for what it has more than just for what it is because it boasts the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles in the whole world!”
The Puzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast
WHERE: Tagaytay City, Cavite

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

This is me to begin my exploration in the place. Here’s my favorite band, Beatles, one of the thousand puzzle collections here.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

The PUZZLE MANSION is home to the museum where you can find the record-breaking puzzle collection of Gina Gil Lacuna. It is located in the Lacuna family’s one hectare summer house in Tagaytay. She beat the reigning Brazilian Luiza Figueiredo in the Guinness World Records for having the Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles in the World.

~Our Awesome Planet

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

The mansion houses over a thousand jigsaw puzzle collection. It is a 2-storey house where most of the puzzles resides at the bottom level of it.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

This corner is one of the most photographed when I went there.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013 Some of her smaller puzzles in some hundred pieces.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013 These are the amazing 3D puzzles of the globe and the maps of the cities in the USA.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013 More attractive 3D puzzles of the famous structures and buildings in the world.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013 The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013 Oops! Caught the journalist, Patty Laurel documenting the place live! 🙂

The Puzzle Mansion 2013Feeling lucky to have a picture with her. 🙂

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

Back to the puzzles. (hehehe) Here are more 3D puzzles. This time, skeletons of the dinos and some animals.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013The Puzzle Mansion 2013 I’m really fascinated with Gina’s works. Here is one of my favorite.

The Puzzle Mansion 2013

The mansion is not that accessible for first-timers. Thanks to the “Guiness World Record” signs scattered around the roads directing us to the place. Going up the house, you’ll see the room where you can purchase some of her works and complete your own jigsaw puzzles. In this room, you can find the owner and take a selfie with her. 🙂 The Puzzle Mansion 2013 Outside this room displayed her biggest work so far.

FUN FACTS: The Puzzle Mansion 2013 So far, this is the largest of Gina’s work – the 32,256-piece “Double Retrospect” which said she finished after 900 hours last July 10th, 2013. It is still today’s biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world.

Lacuna, who holds the World Record for the “Largest Collection of Jigsaw Puzzles”, recalled that she built the mansion as a rest house for her family and a place to display her finished jigsaw puzzles. She is so passionate about puzzles, a passion which started when she was 35 years old, that she travels the world in search of new puzzles to piece together. She later decided to open the mansion to the public as many people want to see the puzzles and even spend the whole day looking at them.

~Wiki Pilipinas The Puzzle Mansion 2013 Besides the thousand puzzles, for those who want to stay in Tagaytay, the place also offers rooms for accommodations and serve you with breakfast. The Puzzle

Mansion Bed and Breakfast is open from 7 am to 7 pm during weekdays and up to 8 pm during weekends with an entrance fee of P100.00 per head (without the exemption of children).


Address: Purok 4 Cuadra St. Barangay Asisan, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Telephone: +632 661-0019

Mobile: +63 905  225-0229

FacebookPuzzle Mansion Bed & Breakfast

The Puzzle Mansion 2013   Hope to see you here soon. 🙂

Juan Dela Cruz | @morefunwithjuan


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