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Hundred Islands Travel Guide

“Nights and days came and passed
And summer and winter
and the rain.
And it was good to be a little Island.
A part of the world
and a world of its own
All surrounded by the bright blue sea.”
Margaret Wise Brown, The Little Island

Hundred Island National Park
WHERE: Alaminos City, Pangasinan

HOW TO GET THERE: Located from the northwest, Alaminos can be accessed via national roads like NLEX, SCTEX or Marcos Highway from Metro Manila. There are few transits that offer a 4-hour bus ride going there from Cubao or Buendia, Manila like Victory Lines and 5 Star to name some. Once you arrive to the center town of Alaminos, you can rent for a tricycle ride to bring you to Lucap wharf where you can hire a service boat for a whole day or an overnight stay.

Hundred Islands

WHAT TO EXPECT: A hundred fun and adventure from 124 islands and islets.

WHERE TO GO AND TO STAY: Though many already know of the famous and developed islands like Governor’s Island, Marcos Island, Children Island and Quezon Island, there are still more to visit in the archipelago like the Cuenco Island where a cave-like tunnel is found. You can also pass by the “Bat Island” where you can see hundreds of bats nesting at the island. If you want to have your lunch and stop-by an island, Quezon island is the best choice. It already has a number of cottages and manmade benches where you can stay or rest. Children and Cuenco islands do also have cottages already. As of now, the city government of Alaminos is developing other islands for tourism purposes.

If you choose to stay for long, you can check in to some hotels and lodges located in Brgy. Lucap.

WHAT TO DO: Besides island hopping, the archipelago offers activities and adventures for its visitors. To start with, the viewdeck of Governor’s island has the most picturesque site of the rest of the islands. You can take a postcard photo there. Marcos Island on the other hand, will test your braveness for an 8 to 10 feet high cliff diving inside Imelda Cave. If you want higher than that, you can also do an island-to island-long zipline in Quezon Island. There’s also a cliff diving in Cuenco Island with an over 20 feet deep open waters. Not only island activities are available in the archipelago. If you are a swimmer or a diver, you can also enjoy snorkelling to see the giants clamps and helmet diving.

Hundred Islands

WHERE TO EAT: Since it is an archipelago of islets, there are no restaurants or local stores in it. However, it is advisable for any visitors to BRING YOUR OWN food before getting there. However, there are some little sari-sari stores in some islands like in Governor’s, Quezon and Cuenco. There is a public market in Alaminos where you can buy food, water and necessary things. What we did was ordering a “bilao” of pancit canton from an eatery in Alaminos proper town.

EXPENSES (per head):
*200++ bus fare from Cubao to Alaminos
*25.00 tricycle from proper town to Lucap wharf (100.00)
*1500.00 whole day (medium) service boat (6am to 3pm) [good for 3 to 6 persons]
*100 (approx) enviromental fee
*100.00 for snorkelling kits

**prices are subject for changes.

Hundred Islands

*There are ATMs and MoneyTransfer available in Alaminos.
*Cellular signals are available for all networks.
*Souvenirs are sold.
*Fastfoods and local eateries in Alaminos propee town.
*Bring your own chargers/powerbanks for your gadgets.
*Best to visit during January to June.


Juan Dela Cruz | @morefunwithjuan


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