Are you tired of the hectic and congested life in Metro Manila? Why not take a short break and breath some air? Well, just a 3 to 4 hour drive, you can treat yourself with a day in a beach in Batangas.

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Kabayan Beach Resort is exactly located at Barangay Laiya Aplaya, San Juan City, 4226.

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For as low as P100, you can enjoy the beach life here in a day! RATES HERE

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The resort rooms and cottages available for reservations and walk-ins at different rates depending on the numbers of the visitors and the duration of stay.

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I find the resort good for friends or a group package where you can bonding with different activities you can do. It is also perfect for family bonding like this. 🙂

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Unlike the other resorts in Laiya, Kabayan Beach Resort allows the visitors to bring their own food. Each cottages have a near grilling station and kitchenette.

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The beach resort also offers water activities at different costs like kayaking.

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I also find it very good for team building. There was actually a huge group of people playing games and sports like beach volleyball.

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The beach itself was picturesque and perfect for beach photoshoots.

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That’s me chillin’ and relaxing under the heat of the sunlight.

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You’ll also notice some of the locals roaming their selling their items and products for their living. Don’t hesitate to interact with them. Batangenios are kind and approachable. 🙂

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That was actually a relaxing day for me and let me forget the exhausted life of the city in a bit. 🙂

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For updated rates and inquiries, visit their official website at and their Facebook.

Kabayan Beach Resort on Google Maps:

Juan Dela Cruz | @morefunwithjuan