It's More Fun With Juan|Pasig Revolving Restaurant
The Pasig Revolving Restaurant

Pasig is one of the old cities-maybe since it was a part of Rizal Province-and one of my 2nd choices of living in before Taguig (my home town, of course).

I believe that Pasig is also my first-love city. My first job was in Ortigas (Pasig part) and my first girlfriend (also my current) once lived around Kapasigan for long time. I love its old and preserved-I supposed-houses and architectures in the town, mostly those along the streets of Kapasigan.

As per my girlfriend, Pasig government showcase its city in an annual celebrations and competitions in June before this day. Some are like the famous Mutya ng Pasig.

Today, July 2, 2014 I greet my Pasigeño friends a Happy Pasig Day.

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